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The Mississippi Migrant Education Service Center is a federal program that offers supplemental and supportive educational services to ensure that migrant children have access to all opportunities that a public education offers. The legal basis of the program is within the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, reauthorized as No Child Left Behind, 2001. Migrant Education is regulated under Part C of Title 1. The Mississippi Migrant Education Service Center is funded through the Mississippi Department of Education and is housed at Mississippi State University.

Migrants' labor often involves a seasonal or temporary low-income. Migrant families often move several times during the school year, which interrupts the education of the students. Conditions related to the migrant lifestyle may cause a high incidence of health problems. Migrant children and youth may have limited English skills and/or few successful experiences in school.

All of the aforementioned adversities may produce an overall frustration and low academic performance. Consequently, a large percentage of migrant teens drop out of school. This lack of academic and social preparation may lead to unemployment or employment solely within the migrant work force.