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Migrant Qualifications

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Who is a Migrant Child?

  • Between the ages of 3 and 21
  • Has not graduated from High school
  • Works or parents work in agriculture
  • Has changed school districts in the last 3 years
  • Someone that follows the crops throughout the country. It could be a migrant family, or youth
  • Migrant labor often involves having a low-income that is seasonal or temporary
  • Migrant families may move several times during the school year, interrupting the students's education
  • Conditions related to the migrant lifestyle may cause a high incidence of health problems
  • Migrant children and youth may have limited English skills and/or few successful experiences in school

Specifically, agricultural jobs include:

  • Harvesting, planting, picking, and packing of agricultural products.
  • Packing and processing of all products of agricultural origin.
  • Reproduction and working with farm animals including pigs, cattle, sheep, and birds.
  • Working in Nurseries tending to plants
  • Commercial fishing and shrimping (raising and fishing)
  • Working in catfish plants (cleaning, cutting, packing, etc.)

Note: Construction and landscaping work does not qualify