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The Mississippi Migrant Education Service Center sets out to ensure that migrant students and youth are receiving appropriate educational services to enable them to achieve high academic standards by overcoming the obstacles created by cultural and language differences and the educational disruption stemming from frequent moves.
Frequently Asked Questions

Interview with Director of the Program



Who is a Migrant Child?

  • Between the ages of 3 and 21
  • Has not graduated from High school
  • Works or parents work in agriculture
  • Has changed school districts in the last 3 years

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Summer Programs


The Mississippi Migrant Education Service Center (MMESC) provides summer instructional programs for migrant children. These programs are designed for pre-kindergarten (4-year olds) through high school to connect language, literature, technology, and life skills to develop English proficiency and promote academic achievement in reading and mathematics within an interdisciplinary thematic experience. Research indicates that after school programs during school year and summer programs for migrant students is key to increasing student performance and lowering dropout rates (NCLB, 2002, now ESSA) Therefore, MMESC summer programs provide research-based effective instruction in alignment with the State Standards. Students participate in reading, writing, listening, speaking, and viewing activities within the structure of an interdisciplinary thematic unit that incorporates math, science, and language art. Each program encourages and assists students to complete a project in relation to their thematic unit in order to affect change within their school and/or community. The MMESC provides reimbursement for district bus usage and also uses its funding to supply programs with all necessary materials, resources, snacks, and teacher salary. All programs operate at no cost to host districts.

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Contact Us

1223 Blackjack Road
P.O. Box 1575
Mississippi State, MS 39762

  • Phone Number Phone: 662.325.1815

Hotline Information

Número Nacional para las Familias Migrantes:

Las familias migrantes pueden llamar a este número cuando necesiten ayuda con:

  • Inscripción en las escuelas de sus hijos/as
  • Ayuda con suplementos educacionales para sus hijos/as
  • Localización de otros servicios de ayuda para las necesidades de las familias

National Migrant Education Hotline:

Migrant farmworkers can call for help with:

  • School enrollment
  • Education
  • Referrals to other services