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“As a land-grant university, MSU is proud to house the Mississippi Migrant Education Service Center, which services agricultural families throughout the state. I support the MMESC and encourage the agricultural community to partner with the excellent initiatives of the program.”

–Dr. Mark Keenum, MSU President

The Mississippi Migrant Education Service Center is a federal program that offers supplemental and supportive educational services to ensure that migrant children have access to all opportunities that a public education offers. The legal basis of the program is within the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, as amended by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). The Migrant Education Program is regulated under Part C of Title 1. The Mississippi Migrant Education Service Center is funded through the Mississippi Department of Education and is housed at Mississippi State University.

Migrant labor often involves a seasonal or temporary low-income. Migrant families often move several times during the school year, which interrupts the education of the students. Conditions related to the migrant lifestyle may cause a high incidence of health problems. Migrant children and youth may have limited English skills and/or few successful experiences in school.

All of the aforementioned adversities may produce an overall frustration and low academic performance. Consequently, a large percentage of migrant teens drop out of school. This lack of academic and social preparation may lead to unemployment or employment solely within the migrant work force. The MMESC offers supplemental academic and support services to help students overcome these challenges and attain educational success.