Who is a Migrant Child?

From birth to 21 years old Has not graduated from High school
Works or parents work in agriculture Has changed school districts in the last 3 years
Migrant family or youth follows the crops throughout the country Migrant labor often involves having a low-income that is seasonal or temporary
Migrant families may move several times during the school year, interrupting the student’s education Conditions related to the migrant lifestyle may cause a high incidence of health problems
Migrant children and youth may have limited English skills and/or few successful experiences in school  
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Qualifying Agricultural Work Includes

  • Harvesting, planting, picking, and packing of agricultural products.
  • Packing and processing of all products of agricultural origin.
  • Reproduction and working with farm animals including pigs, cattle, sheep, and birds.
  • Working in nurseries, tending to plants
  • Commercial fishing and shrimping (raising and fishing)
  • Working in catfish plants (cleaning, cutting, packing, etc.)

Note: Construction and landscaping work does not qualify

Make a Referral

Migrant families may come from any racial, ethnic, and language background. If you know of a family or youth who currently works or has a history of working in agriculture, please use our digital referral system at https://idrreferrals.net. The MMESC team is bilingual and will conduct an eligibility interview to determine if the youth qualifies for the program.


School Referral System

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All schools are required to use the Mississippi Department of Education Employment Survey to assist the MMESC in identifying potential migrant students. The MDE Employment Survey is currently available in English, Spanish, and Arabic (upon request) and is located here.

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Schools must include the survey in registration packets and send completed forms to the MMESC office via fax or mail. Note that only the official survey authorized by MDE should be used. Survey modifications needed for integration into online registration systems should be requested and approved by the Office of Federal Programs to ensure compliance with regulatory guidelines.

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Frequently Asked Questions