Wilson Kendrick

Department / Division

  • Recruiter


  • Recruitment Area: Central East


Email: wkendrick@colled.msstate.edu
Phone: 334-456-9818

Wilson Kendrick is the Central East recruiter. He has been a teacher and a pastor for the last 26 years. Wilson has previously served as a state level recruiter and advocate for the Alabama State Department of Education out of Montgomery. He has served as an associate pastor in Paraguay for the many medical and dental groups that came to work in the indigenous communities of the Guarani and Toba tribes.

Wilson also mentored and taught student pastors through the Instituto Bíblico Teológico Metodista de Asunción. He has extensive experience teaching part time as an ESL/gifted teacher at the elementary level and teaching Spanish, speech and computer applications courses at the high school level. Wilson also has taught Spanish for ESL educators and for medical personnel at UWA and later at EMCC. Wilson holds a BA (Spanish), MHS (Hispanic Studies), and MDiv.

Wilson has always had a strong calling and vocation to serve in the Latino community in one capacity or another. He is thankful for the opportunity to serve in this capacity again as a migrant recruiter and advocate at MMESC throughout the state of Mississippi.