Ramona Spencer

Department / Division

  • Business Coordinator


Email: rspencer@colled.msstate.edu
Phone: 662-325-7724

Ramona Spencer is the Data Analysis Coordinator for the Mississippi Migrant Education Service Center (MMESC). After a rewarding career in the travel industry, she immigrated to the United States in 2014. Her experience as an Office Associate at the Office of the Dean in the College of Education and later as the Business Coordinator for the Migrant Center lead her to her new position as Data Analysis Coordinator. She is responsible for creating reports and maintaining field research records for the Migrant Education Program, up-to-date, meaning all current data files and records of migrant students and their families in the State of Mississippi.

Ms. Spencer earned a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism & Public Relations from the University of Timisoara, in her native country of Romania. Her experience primarily lies within the areas of customer service, PR, photography, event planning, sales and business operations. Ms. Spencer is multi-lingual, experienced in worldwide travel, and has exposure to a multitude of cultures. She loves to travel and is passionate about acting, fashion and photography as she also attended an Advanced Photographic Art Course. She looks forward to using her experiences to make valuable contributions in support of the migrant community, as she loves to help others. She is happy for the opportunity to join the Migrant Service Center Staff.